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Spotlight on Mental Health Support

Game4Good Empowers Student-Athletes to Speak Up, Seek Help Sponsored by: LG Electronics USA

SAN DIEGO — It’s a quiet crisis in college sports that remains a growing concern – struggles with mental health. Student-athletes train and push themselves to reach the highest levels of competition, but they also face challenges with anxiety and depression. Often these athletes are less likely to speak up and seek help.

In a study by the NCAA, student-athletes continue to report elevated levels of mental exhaustion, anxiety and depression. And these rates have seen little change since the onset of the pandemic.

That is why LG has partnered with the NCAA to create the Game4Good campaign to bring awareness to this important issue and encourage athletes to feel comfortable to seek assistance. Some of the biggest names in college basketball were on hand at the Final 4 Fan Fest in Houston to discuss the campaign.

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