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Spread kindness, not the flu this season

Protect yourself against the flu. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

Last year’s flu season was relatively mild as people were isolating at the height of the pandemic. But this year people are gathering again and that means a greater likelihood of contracting the flu and other viruses.

Kaiser Permanente’s Dr. Mike Moreno joins our Laura Cavanaugh with tips on how to protect yourself and give the gift of good health this holiday season.

Dr. Moreno says it is important to get vaccinated against the flu to help reduce flu symptoms and aid in a quicker recovery from potential flu exposure over the holidays.

“Bottom line it is our number one defense,” said Moreno. “It is the number one thing we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community.”

While Dr. Moreno says everyone should consider getting their flu vaccine, he says individuals who are pregnant, those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma and smokers are at higher risk for developing serious flu complications. He encourages them to get their flu vaccine as well. Moreno says the flu is serious business.

“Influenza is not just a common cold. Influenza kills people, thousands of people every year,” warns Moreno who noted that last year San Diego County reported 77 flu deaths. 

One in three individuals can carry the flu virus and not know it, which is why it’s so important to remain vigilant.

“Get vaccinated. It’s the number one prevention,” said Moreno. “Staying active, washing your hands, avoiding crowds, if you’re in crowds, wear a mask.”

Many of the precautions and practices that we implemented last year to stay safe from COVID is what we can do this year to be healthy and to make our community a healthy place this holiday season.



Sponsored by: Kaiser Permanente