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Start Your Own Business, Become A Child Care Provider

TOOTRiS Supports You Each Step of the Journey. Sponsored by TOOTRiS

Do you have a passion for kids? Have you been caring for children since you can remember? If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own child care business, there are a number of steps and hurdles to consider. But what if you had an ally, someone to help you navigate through that process at no cost? Gina Cazares, owner of Gina’s Bluebird Daycare, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share her story about the resources that were a lifesaver in helping her survive and thrive through the pandemic.

Cazares credits TOOTRiS, a platform that connects working parents with affordable access to quality child care in real-time, with giving her a hand up, helping her secure grants and helping develop her website for her business at no cost. TOOTRiS empowers parents to search, vet, tour virtually and enroll children in quality child care that fits their specific needs. . The website and app are convenient and free to use.

TOOTRiS also helped provide the necessary tools to manage her program. They can help with licensing, maximizing enrollment and digital, contactless payment. 

“I’ve always loved kids. I’ve always did babysitting, worked at centers, I was a nanny,” said Cazares. “But then when I had my son, I said I want to stay home with my child. I want to raise my child.”

Cazares opened Gina’s Bluebird Daycare 22 years ago and says it was the best decision she ever made to be able to be with her son and watch him grow, make her own hours, make more money and have flexibility being her own boss. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” said Cazares. “I think the most important tool you can start out with is hooking up with TOOTRis.”

Above all, Cazares encourages others who may have wanted to start their own child care business to take that next step and that leap of faith.

“Don’t be scared,” she said.  “TOOTRiS will help you along the way and they’ll make it a lot easier for you. They’ll hold your hand.” 

To learn more about TOOTRiS and their anytime, anywhere, on-demand, quality child care, download their app or log on to their website  www.tootris.com

Sponsored by: Tootris