Right now in San Diego County there are more than 2,100 children in need of a loving home. Some have parents who are struggling with addiction. Some are victims of neglect or abuse, but all need a place to feel safe, supported and nurtured.  San Diego Living is shining a spotlight on two exceptional foster parents who are being honored as caregivers of sets of twins. Our Laura Cavanaugh sits down with Michael and Patricia Rolan to talk about the critical role foster parents play in healing families, supporting the biological parents through their challenges until they are finally able to be the parents they have been struggling to be. Resource parents are a lifeline to those children, giving them a sense of normalcy, routine and stability, offering them a chance to thrive.

It is truly a gift that can change a child’s entire future. If you have a strong desire to make a positive difference in the life of a child, touch a life and brighten a future, open your home and open your heart. To learn more about becoming a resource parent, call 1-877-792-KIDS (5437) or log on to sandiegofosterkids.com.

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