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Transforming Young Lives Through Science

San Diego Foundation and Ocean Discovery Institute Inspiring the Next Generation of Science Leaders. Sponsored by: San Diego Foundation

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Foundation has been committed to strengthening and building resilient communities. Thanks to a new wave of grants, they are helping give young children and young adults the chance to experience and learn about exciting career opportunities in science and the environment.

Ocean Discovery Institute’s Carla Camacho joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share how the institute is inspiring the next generation of science leaders.

Ocean Discovery Institute uses science exploration to engage young people in City Heights, a low-income, racially diverse and urban community, and helps to create learning experiences to transform young lives through science.

“We ensure that all of our programs are 100% tuition free and reach young people from elementary school all the way through high school,” said Camacho. “Through our programs, we see that students believe that a scientist is someone they can be. They achieve in school and become leaders who make a difference by entering careers in science and breaking generational poverty.”

The non-profit provides hands-on learning experiences at their state-of-the-art Living Lab in City Heights. They also take students on field trips to the beautiful San Diego coast.

Most recently, San Diego Foundation has supported ODI’s leadership program, which prepares young people for careers in science.

“Students that go through this program 90% of them have earned a college degree and 77% of them earned degrees in science and science-related fields,” said Camacho. “We could not do this work if it weren’t for the support of the San Diego Foundation who ensures that these programs can remain tuition-free.”

For more information about Ocean Discovery Institute’s programs, visit www.oceandiscoveryinstitute.org

San Diego Foundation supports non-profits that serve the San Diego community.

For more information, visit www.sdfoundation.org

Sponsored by: San Diego Foundation

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