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Working Parents Looking for a Lifeline Turn to TOOTRiS

Safe, Affordable, Quality, On-Demand Child Care. Sponsored by TOOTRiS

With many California schools still doing distanced learning, working parents across the state are struggling to find safe options for child care. But help is on the way. Alessandra Lezama, founder of TOOTRis, joins our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about how TOOTRis, the first and only platform that connects parents with affordable access to quality child care in real time, can be a lifeline. Parents can search for care, compare providers, go on virtual tours, enroll their children, process payments and communicate with the child care provider all in real time with the safety of being completely contactless. 

Lezama also shares how TOOTRis is helping new and existing child care providers to manage, communicate and enroll children in their program through TOOTRis anytime, anywhere.  Register as a parent or a child care provider today. Download their app or visit them online at tootris.com.

Sponsored by: Tootris