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This woman gives San Diego seniors free makeovers

With help from the Glama project, seniors at St. Paul's Villa learn the newest tips to feel fabulous
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO — With brushes of every size and a fresh palette of colors, Callie Ahern gets started on her work. 

"I really only go to where your natural eyebrow goes at the top," Ahern said while clutching a makeup pencil. 

Her canvas is Leanne. 

"Your wrinkles are your stripes. You've earned those," says Ahern. 

It's all apart of Ahern's organization, The Glama Project. Its goal is to teach seniors how to put on the latest makeup. 

It all started when Ahern visited her grandmother in St. Louis, Missouri, for her 89th birthday. 

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"Growing up, we did glamour shots together and it was always a photo that she's idolized of herself, and for her 89th birthday, she really wanted to recreate that photo," said Ahern. "She really got her sparkle back that day. I think she walked away thinking, 'I still got it.'"

Since then, she's been putting smiles on made-up faces of seniors throughout San Diego. On Thursday, she visited St. Paul's Villa. She spent time with women like Joan Wesley and Carol Evans.

"We're going to go dining and dancing one of these days, but we haven't picked a date," they said.

While a little blush or bronzer won't change the world, it gives our seniors a chance to feel like that pin-up girl again. 

"It's a chance for seniors to do something different and to see themselves in a different light," says Ahern. "Once you put on a swipe of mascara or lipstick, they sort of have this 'aha' moment, like 'oh I still got it.'" 

Credit: Alexandria Mooney Photography