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Randy's Donut opens up in San Diego

The famous Los Angeles donut shop opened up a new location at 3737 Murphy Canyon Road. A line wrapped around the corner for its grand opening.

SAN DIEGO — Donut worry! World renowned Randy's Donuts is here in San Diego. The shop opened Wednesday morning. 

Dozens of people wrapped around the shop to line up for the grand opening at the location on Murphy Canyon Road. They are offering free coffee and donuts to the first 50 customers that come before noon. Some customers are winning a year of free coffee and donuts.

You may recognize the iconic company by a gigantic donut perched atop its flagship location in the Inglewood neighborhood of Los Angeles County. 

The building was also featured in films like Iron Man 2, California Girls, Escape from Petropolis, and many more. 

From movies to music videos, Randy's Donuts made frequent on-screen appearances; now, the chain expects to appear in San Diego's Serra Mesa area, with San Diego native Emilio Tamez at the helm.

Tamez owns and operates Taqueria Revolución and is the founder of Sadie's Hand-Crafted Ice Cream in Bonita.

Now, he's the owner and operator of 10 Randy's Donuts locations anticipated to open across San Diego County.

"Randy's Donuts is so iconic! So when I heard about the opportunity, I reached out to Mark, and we've been working on this for a long time," Tamez told CBS 8. 

Mark Kelgian has owned the Randy's Donuts brand since he acquired the company in 2015.

It's no surprise so much hype surrounds Randy's Donuts – there are over 45 premium, fancy, and deluxe glazed, sprinkled, and powdered sweet options to choose from, and the shop has secured Yelp accreditation to back up their hole-y pastry too.

Customer David Green brought a chair to wait in line. He shares an interesting story to what brought him to the grand opening. 

 "I was on Hinge, the dating app, and I asked about restaurants and someone was like, 'oh, they are opening Randy’s on the May 3rd. So here, I am. I didn't bring the date with me because I'm not sure that person is real, but they told me about the grand opening and I love donuts and love grand openings," laughs Green.

Other customers skipped work and waited in line for hours. 

"Oh, yes we have to go to work today, but we delayed it or cancelled it. I'm pregnant and going to be here on my due date July 3rd. I met this group in line and we became friends after waiting in line for 4 hours. We started a group chat. They're going to renew their vows here next month, she graduates soon, it's her birthday and we have a lot of plans to be here at least once a month," said customer, Hayley Deruves.

According to their website, Randy's was consistently named one of the top donut shops in the country and the highest-rated donut shop on Yelp for 70 years.

"We're actively looking at additional locations in La Jolla, Escondido, and the South Bay as well," Tamez elaborated on the other nine locations.

So, be prepared to add tons more hole foods to your diet.

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