SAN DIEGO — A man in the Palm Canyon area near Anza Borrego State Park captured stunning video and photographs of several bighorn sheep coming down from the mountains and sent them to News 8.

Rod Lagace said he's known for awhile when the bighorns come down from the mountains, normally between October and the next rain.

Lagace said there are lots of bighorn sheep sightings at the campground area in Palm Canyon, and a nearby golf course where they get their water from now since there's no water up in the mountain area.

The bighorn sheep in the video can be seen running down the mountain and roaming like most young ones do. 

The California Wildlife and Animal Control say bighorn sheep are by nature wary of people and may not pose a significant threat to human safety. However, if you live near or where bighorn sheep and other wildlife also live, prevention is key in reducing human-wildlife conflict.

Wildlife experts say they are well adapted to life in the desert, but if people start putting out food and water there can be a range of dangers to bighorn sheep in a residential setting.They ask the public not to put out food or water sources for the animals.

If people want to know how they can help wildlife in their natural environment, click here.