VISTA, Calif. — A stray dog is getting a lot of attention for escaping a coyote attack in the North County at the end of May.

A few Good Samaritans caught Roadrunner, a corgi mix, after the incident in Vista and now he’s being fostered by Babs Fry, the founder of the non-profit A Way Home for Animals Inc. Roadrunner was relatively unharmed in the chase. He received his name from several area residents who saw him running away from the coyotes.

Helen Woodward Animal Center reports that due to the recent wildfires and new housing developments, they have been seeing more coyotes pushed out into urban areas which in many cases means more attacks.

Fry offers some tips to help keep pets safe:
- Make sure to use a non-retractable leash.
- Don’t leave out food or water.
- When the sun starts to set, bring cats inside.

Anyone interested in adopting Roadrunner, can contact Babs Fry at or by phone at (619) 249-2221.