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Dozens of huskies up for adoption at Chula Vista Animal Facility

Adoption fees for all huskies, guinea pigs, and rabbits were waived for December, CVACF said.
Credit: Chula Vista Animal Facility

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility announced Wednesday about 21 huskies were up for adoption, awaiting their “fur-ever” home. 

“Meet Oso and Kira; they are both available for adoption,” Chula Vista Animal Care Facility shared in a Facebook post. 

Chula Vista Animal Care Facility shared a few details about some of their huskies available for adoption: 

  • Bullet: 4 years, neutered male, a high-energy dog that would like lots of playtimes. He enjoys all types of toys and is vocal when he wants something. With CVACF since 2/16/22 
  • Chance: 3 years, neutered male, very playful and affectionate, rubs on people like a cat. Very fluffy and needs to be the only dog.  With CVACF since 9/1/22 
  • Cheese: 2 years, neutered male, Very playful, loves treats, wants a hiking buddy. With CVACF since 11/20/22 
  • Fiona: 2 years, spayed female, loves to play, treats motivated, not recommended for young kids as she needs training on appropriate interactions. With CVACF since 6/27/22 
  • Jax: 1 ½ year, neutered male, Vocal for attention and wishes playtime was endless. He loves food so much that he refuses to share. With CVACF since 7/14/22 
  • Kira: 6 years, spayed female, Independent, food motivated, couch potato that needs to be the only dog. With CVACF since 7/6/22 
  • Mila: 3 years, spayed female, a husky savvy home that will keep her indoors—she likes to take impromptu runs. With CVACF since 10/30/22 
  • Nala: 5 years, spayed female, good with other dogs, and loves to exercise and play. She needs to be an indoor dog, or she will take herself on runs. With CVACF since 3/16/22 
  • Savannah: 5 years, spayed female, the active girl who wants to explore and loves treats. With CVACF since 10/10/22 
  • Skye: 1 year, spayed female, energetic and playful, loves to play in the water. With CVACF since 11/9/22 
  • Taco: 3 years, neutered male, loves kids and toys, a good running or hiking buddy as he has lots of energy. With CVACF since 11/15/2 
  • Thelma: 1 year, three months, spayed female, looking for an experienced husky home that is patient, will keep her indoors, and has treats! With CVACF since 9/22/22 
  • Valerie: 1 year eight months, spayed female, wants a puppy playmate and loves to run around between pets, with CVACF since 10/30/22 

Adoption fees for all huskies, guinea pigs, and rabbits were waived for December, CVACF said.

Chula Vista Animal Care Facility was accepting donations to care for lost, abandoned, and injured animals.  

If you’d like to adopt an animal, click here.

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