SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A new crimefighter is reporting for duty with the San Diego Sheriff's Department. 

He's a two-year-old German Shepherd named Magic, and he is the newest K-9 to join the force. 

The Sheriff's K-9 program has been around since 1967, and keeps the public safe. 

Magic is two-year-old, but he has already begun his training to be part of the K-9 unit. The training program is designed for dogs to build confidence with obstacles it would find in the field. 

Beyond being able to leap over walls, climb ladders and chase down suspects, Magic's keen sense of smell will be honed. 

Magic is more than just a tool to his handler. They have a strong bond. Where the dog goes, the handler will follow, and it's a partnership that will last a long time. 

Magic and his trainer will go through a 12 week training program. 

Magic was a generous gift from a member of the community.