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News 8's Kelly Hessedal gets tips on introducing her dog, Bella, to her new baby

January is National Train Your Dog month.

January is National Train Your Dog month.

The San Diego Humane Society wants to remind pet owners it offers many free and low-cost behavior training resources for pets. A lot of classes are available on Zoom.

News 8 decided to put some training tips to the test.

News 8's Kelly Hessedal is eight months pregnant. Hessedal and her husband are expecting their first child in March 2021. Their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bella, may need some help adjusting to no longer being the only baby in their family.

"Dogs don't come equipped with all of the life skills, just like baby humans [don't]," said Shannon Feeney, a behavior and training coordinator at the San Diego Humane Society. 

"So instead of expecting they do know, or they'll figure it out, train your dog to do what you want them to do," she said. 

Feeney offered a few tips on how to introduce Bella to the new baby. She said first, get rid of the expectations of their first meeting as this magical moment.

"Their relationship is not going to develop in a moment," she said. "All of their time together is important, yes, but you're not going to see that, [the first meeting]. It's not going to be an accurate depiction really of what the relationship is going to be like."

Feeney suggested Hessedal and Bella start practicing separation while she's at home. Gradually try and spend more time apart, even while in the same room.

"Start teaching your dog to relax on their bed in the living space, while you're in the kitchen," said Feeney.

Another tip, hold a large item to mimic holding a baby while teaching Bella to sit and wait.

Feeney said positive reinforcement is crucial in training your pet. 

For more information about training resources offered by the San Diego Humane Society, click here.