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Live stream: Barn owls in Ramona caring for newly hatched owlets, awaiting 2 more

Five baby owls had hatched as of Thursday with two on the way.

RAMONA, Calif. — A pair of barn owls in Ramona welcomed five babies recently and are awaiting a couple more. They laid a total of seven eggs, according to Tiffany Sears with HDOnTap. Five had hatched as of Friday with the duo awaiting two more.

Stacy Mae Rudge and her husband, Scott, originally put up one simple camera just so their family could watch the action. 

HDOnTap has a live camera stream that will be on around the clock for bird watchers to keep an eye on the pair, their sweet owlets and await the new arrivals. 

"Well, it's completely blown up," they said.

Barn owls are known for their pale appearance and harsh, eerie screeches, according to The Cornell Lab's All About Birds website. The site reports that barn owls are on the decline due to habitat loss.

Barn owl eggs are typically incubated by the female for 29-34 days with the male bringing her food, according to the Audobon Society. Barn owls have one to two broods a year, sometimes three.