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Pupdate: Watch this live cam of puppies snuggling

The quarantine entertainment you didn't know you needed.
Credit: Stacy Haynes

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — You can now watch adorable puppies lounge around before they grow up to be hardworking professionals. 

Nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence, which is located in Oceanside, has launched a live puppy cam to bring some joy to these dog days. As of early May, the puppies are four-weeks-old. They'll grow up to be assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

"Canine Companions assistance dogs are trained in over 40 commands and are matched with children, adults, and veterans with disabilities free of charge. These dogs assist with daily tasks such as retrieving dropped items, opening and closing doors and drawers, turning on and off lights and much more to enhance independence for people with disabilities," said Stacy Haynes, the Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Canine Companions. "Many Canine Companions assistance dogs have allowed their handlers to remain independent at home as they shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic."

According to Haynes, there are more than 400 people with disabilities waiting to be matched with a trained assistance dog. 

If you'd like to help the cause, click here.

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