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Childcare providers demand more funding from the state

Lawmakers included more funding in their budget but need the governor on board.

CALIFORNIA, USA — "Care can’t wait,” childcare providers and family members chanted as they filled the Capitol lawn.

Childcare workers across the state met at the capitol Wednesday, demanding more funding for essential services.

“Black and brown woman providers have been shouldering the burden of a childcare system that is on the brink of collapse,” Childcare provider Patricia Moran said. 

Families have difficulty finding affordable daycare, and daycare employees struggle to make a living wage.

Lawmakers have come up with what they believe is the right solution for both, but they need the governor on board. 

“Both the Assembly and the Senate have been very clear that childcare reform is our priority," Assemblymember Eloise Gomez Reyes said, "and we've included it in our budget.”

Senators Monique Limon and Assemblymember Eloise Gomez Reyes say they need the governor to include more childcare funding in the budget he’s set to reveal on Friday. 

“A billion dollars for child care reform,” Gomez Reyes said. 

The billion dollars would increase childcare workers' salaries and suspend family fees.

“a family fee is charged to a family, even if they have qualified for subsidized care, which is the most unusual thing. They qualify for subsidized care, yet they're being charged a family fee, sometimes close to $600 monthly.”

In January, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed delaying the funding for 20,000 additional slots for subsidized child care for low-income families to help balance an expected $22 billion deficit. 

He said the funding the state had already put forward was not being utilized. 

“The reason those spots are not being used is that we have childcare facilities in this state that are dark classrooms, meaning they have the space, but we don't have the staff," Senator Monique Limon said. 

Senator Limon and Assemblymember Gomez Reyes said they’ve been working with the governor’s office to include more childcare funding and are happy. Still, we'll have to wait until Friday to see if they’ve decided mutually.

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