POWAY, Calif. — With many produce aisles cleaned out in grocery stores, people are looking to get their fresh fruits and veggies. That is why some customers say thank goodness for farmers markets.

For the last four years, Elliot Dougbe has been slicing fine cheeses from around the world in his booth at the Poway Farmers Market. Dougbe's company, Chez Elliot, primarily caters events, but with the coronavirus shutting down food services he heads to farmers markets like the ones in Poway and Little Italy to sell his cheeses.

However, they are not without caution. Suzanne Bendixen, manager of the Poway Farmers Market says they've taken precautions. Bendixen said, “we spaced our farmers all ten feet apart, and there is now a 30-foot walkway in the middle instead of only 10-feet.” They have also added hand-washing stations and put up signs saying that farmers can no longer give out samples.

Dougbe says that he loses 50 percent of his business because of the rule. He says, “if they don’t try it, they don’t buy it.

When you can skip the crowds at the grocery store, why not eat fresh and local?

For a full list of farmers markets that are open, click here

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