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Cookbook Review: "Deliciously G-Free" by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

"Deliciously G-Free" is written by TV-personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck and outlines her journey after being diagnosed with celiac disease.

(CBS 8) - Gluten-free cookbooks are starting to pop up everywhere. After experimenting with allergy-friendly baking, I admire anyone who has enough time and patience to produce enough quality recipes to make an entire cookbook.

"Deliciously G-Free" is written by TV-personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck and outlines her journey after being diagnosed with celiac disease.

Not only does the book offer tons of recipes, but the introduction gives tips to those just discovering gluten allergies and the best way to adjust your lifestyle. She mentions a few tips you'd never think of: clean out your utensil draw because it's filled with crumbs, plastic ware tends to hold gluten in scratches, stainless steel or glass are the best options for cooking, avoid cross-contamination by placing gluten-free items above those with gluten and so much more.

There are dozens of gluten-free flours. In the book, Hasselbeck details the best times to use different flours and starches. She advises against buying premixed flours and instructs on how to mix flours, providing some examples. Her brownie mixture includes sweet rice flour, potato starch and black bean flour while her cake flour includes brown rice flour, coconut flour and tapioca flour.

The recipe collection is extensive and approved by non-gluten-sensitive family and friends. The five food chapters are filled with healthy, flavorful and allergy-friendly recipes. Some examples of recipes:

Chapter 2: Breakfasts to Remember- blueberry waffles, frittata, French toast with caramel rum banana, coconut raspberry muffins

Chapter 3: All-Star Appetizers- kale chips, stuffed mushrooms, buffalo chicken tenders, hot artichoke dip

Chapter 4: Mouthwatering Main Meals- Jalapeno and hot chili chicken fingers, classic chicken noodle soup, beef stroganoff, lasagna, baked penne, fish & chips, vegetable fried rice

Chapter 5: Deliciously Irresistible Desserts- banana cream pie, yellow birthday cake, tiramisu, orange cream cupcakes

Chapter 6: Get Fit with G-Free- mango fandango shake, very berry detox, watermelon and tomato salad, mango salad with lemon chicken

In the foreword, she writes, "Many a time I have had to learn the hard way—but with this book, I pass along my tips, shortcuts, and ideas so you can lose your fear of the unknown and get back to happy eating and sharing some great dishes. Welcome back, flavor and variety!"

It doesn't offer many dairy-free recipes, but substitutions seems to work very well.

From the recipes I've tried so far, I'd say she's accomplished her goal. 

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