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Send the Love: Good News stories of the week for San Diego

We want to send the love to all of San Diego with a look back at some feel-good stories this week.

Homecoming for Coronado teen shot in robbery

A Coronado teenager, who spent eight days in the hospital after being shot in the back while selling jewelry from the Offer Up app, returned home Wednesday.

Coronado residents lined 7th Street in Coronado as they cheered 18-year-old Jacob McKanry, who rode in a convertible and waved to supporters who held "heart Jacob" signs.

“Remember God is good, and it is the reason I'm here right now,” said McKanry. “Thank you all for coming out today. To say I appreciate it immensely is an understatement."

McKanry gripped his side in pain as he spoke to San Diego media, but did not talk about the details of the night of the shooting. He said he wanted to focus on living and being grateful for his supporters. 

"It’s overwhelming the amount of support I have from everybody. I can’t fathom," he said.

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Mom donates convalescent plasma while 19-year-old daughter recovers from COVID-19

Chula Vista resident and recovered COVID-19 patient Marielena Barajas recently donated convalescent plasma as her 19-year-old daughter was fighting for her life in the ICU.

Barajas passed the virus to her daughter, husband and mother-in-law who were all sheltering in place together. While Marielena and her family’s symptoms were bad, her daughter Maya’s symptoms were critical.

Maya was admitted to the ICU at Sharp Memorial Hospital in early April and had to be placed on a ventilator. Maya’s doctor and Marielena made a plan to have Marielena donate convalescent plasma for Maya. But it would take a few days to get through the donation and testing process. Fortunately, San Diego Blood Bank already had an available unit on hand, and it was transfused to her daughter that evening. Marielena went on to pay it forward by donating convalescent plasma to support someone else in need.  

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Credit: San Diego Blood Bank

Need a hug? How about a hug from a free teddy bear?

A mother in Olivenhain is giving away a thousand hugs of hope in the form of adorable weighted Teddy Bears. 

"This story starts with my son George... he died the same day he was born," said Marcella Johnson. 

Her baby passed away in 1999 from a rare genetic bone disorder.  Marcella says on the worst day of her life, more than anything she needed a hug. 

It feels really good, he's really sweet," said Marcella while hugging one of her bears.

Marcella started The Comfort Cub, a non-profit organization, that strives to never let a family leave a hospital empty-handed. 

What's known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or 'Broken Heart Syndrome' is often eased with a weighted object. 

Marcella is in the process of giving away one thousand Comfort Cubs.  If a cub would help you or a friend, visit www.thecomfortcub.org/ 

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Anthony's Fish Grotto restaurant will remain open for now

San Diego's iconic Anthony's Fish Grotto restaurant was ready to close down this weekend, but when clients heard the news, the out pour was huge, and now, Craig Ghio has changed plans. 

"I had already started last week to call suppliers. This was the end, and we're shutting it down," said Ghio. 

Between Saturday and Wednesday, Craig and his cousin Beverly changed their minds on the closing.

"The main factor were the guests. People have enjoyed eating at Anthony's for decades," said Ghio. 

For decades, San Diegans have enjoyed the seafood at Anthony's Fish Grotto. 

"My Grandmother, Mama Ghio, started it in 1946. Next year would be our 75th anniversary," said Ghio. "They [customers] came out in droves. Some were in tears saying 'this is my favorite place. You can't close.' Because these guests love the food, and the atmosphere at Anthony's here in La Mesa, I'll put in the effort for them."

Anthony's will be following all the new guidelines to keep their customers safe, and taking orders to go orders from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

As Mama Ghio would say: "Let the fish speak for itself. Let the flavor and tenderness come out."

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San Diego Zoo begins educational video series for kids at home

The San Diego Zoo on Wednesday kicked off a 16-week free online video series for children ages 7 to 11, allowing kids to participate in virtual workshops to learn about the zoo's animals.

The video-based learning modules include trivia, arts and crafts, humor, and activities that can be done anywhere. Viewers will visit animals at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, as well as other zoos and aquariums around the world.

The first episode in the Kids Corner series -- "Animal Builders" -- is available now. Viewers will come across creatures who design and construct their homes, visit birds making impressive nests at the San Diego Zoo's Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks aviary, travel to Montana to witness a baby beaver's toothy techniques and gain a leafcutter ant's-eye-view of all that's required to construct their colony.

Weekly installments will become available over the next four months.

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Credit: KFMB

Tiki Man finds paradise at home in his own backyard

It's possible you have a buddy who built a tropical paradise in their back yard. But I guarantee you've never seen pandemic personal protection equipment like this. 

Jeff went to South San Diego to meet Tiki Man and he is wearing a mask that is as big as a boogie board. 

"It was a labor of tiki," said the Tiki Man Phil Falcon.

His front and back yards are filled with tikis and palapas. His obsession started on a surf trip to Baja twenty years ago hanging out eating lobsters and surfing. Usually, when people visit Mexico they come home with a love for the food, but instead of tacos, it was tikis for Phil. 

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Goats on the Loose! 🐐

Goats got loose and ran around a San Jose, California neighborhood on Tuesday. A homeowner's association brought in the animals to eat dead grass on the hillside , but the goats got through a fence, took over the streets, and munched on flowers.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! 🎓

Seniors across San Diego County were looking forward to graduating this spring until COVID-19 disrupted our lives in unimaginable ways. Whether you’re a senior in high school or a senior in college, News 8 wants to give you the SHOUT OUT you deserve before starting the next exciting chapter of your lives. Let’s make sure the senior class of 2020 gets some public recognition from their loved ones! 

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