SAN DIEGO (CNS) - The 10-year-old epileptic daughter of a MCAS Miramar Marine will soon be paired with a donated service dog that will help her with everyday activities.

Adamari Muniz, the daughter of Staff Sgt. Julio Muniz, will receive a seizure response dog donated by Milk Bone and the Defense Commissary Agency and Canine Assistants. A ceremony was held Friday on the base to announce the gift.

Adamari will meet her canine companion in Georgia, where she will travel in January for a two-week training course -- a "boot camp of sorts" -- to learn how to work with her dog, a base spokesman said. She will interact with several dogs to find the right fit.

Due to her epilepsy, the youngster has difficulty performing everyday tasks such as turning on lights and picking up an item from the floor.