LEUCADIA (CBS 8) - San Diegans are doing their part to remember the lives lost on September 11.

One group strapped on their running shoes and hit the pavement, running from Oceanside to the USS Midway.

When it comes to making sure we don't ever forget what happened September 11, this is a big step in the right direction.

"It's been 12 years, and it seems like it's been washed under a mat like every piece of American history. And I believe this is a very, very important part of American history," runner Alexander Armstrong said.

Armstrong came up with the idea. At first the plan was to run 29.96 miles to remember the exact number of people killed that day, but then the goal grew.

"We decided that it would be really cool to go from Camp Pendleton to the Midway and recognize some of our national landmarks, and it turned into this 41-mile run," runner Dayna Crawford said.

Alexander is running the entire distance carrying an American flag. The response the former Navy sailor and his running buddies have received has been overwhelming, San Diegans so appreciative that the runners are raising awareness.

"I feel blessed that I was here to witness this. This is great, unbelievable," a spectator said.

Not only are the runners raising awareness, but they are also raising money gor a charity called Tuesday's Child, a nonprofit named after the kids left without a parent that Tuesday morning 12 years ago today.

"Tuesday's Children is a small organization out of New York. They provide mental health services and other support services to children and family members who have been affected by domestic and global terrorism," Crawford said.

It took all day, but late Wednesday afternoon they reached their finish line. A small group of runners with very big hearts.

Some of the footage used in this video report was shot using a GoPro camera.