SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local couple is shocked to find out that a condo they own and rent out in Point Loma has been trashed.

The owners left the unit in the hands of a property management company, but now they are on the hook for major repairs.

"I almost fainted. When we turned it over it was in excellent condition," owner Richard West said.

West says when he showed up at his three-bedroom rental, he found the unit filthy, with walls and floors covered in mold. Just about every inch of the home needs severe cleanup. He says he was blindsided by his property management company.

"My insurance company advised me because of the mold in here they would not touch it. HOA stated they will not touch it. As a result it's all my responsibility," West said.

West says he and his wife turned over the rental to Lahitte Sprague Property Management in 1991 and were told they would handle all of it.

Lahitte told me leave the tenants alone, don't be coming here because you're upsetting the tenants," he said.

The company folded in October, and now West is left with a headache.

"Looks like it's a combination of the HOA, drainage issues of their own," attorney Craig Sherman said.

Sherman says it appears the company never did their annual inspections, adding that old damage is partly to be blamed on the homeowners association.