(CBS 8) – It's not easy to weather a blizzard, especially if you're used to the San Diego sunshine.

On Tuesday we spoke with a San Diego native and former CBS News 8 employee who rode out her first blizzard at her new home near Harvard.

Natalie Brand is a former writer and producer for CBS News 8, and a current student at Harvard University. While some Boston natives are skiing in the streets, the San Diego native is tackling her very first blizzard from indoors.

"When the weather is this bad, the safest place to be is inside. It's a good excuse to drink a lot of hot chocolate," Natalie said.

The Boston area has been effectively shut down while the New England region waits for this snow storm to make its way out. Grocery stories have run out of a lot of food, and many parked cars are buried and blanketed with snow.

Snow plows outnumber cars on the road by recommendation from Massachusetts officials, who urged everyone to stay home. Thankfully, Brand says the region has avoided major power outages, which has kept most people in good spirits.

"The snow is a little lighter, it's not like the heavy, wet snow that would weigh down trees or power lines," she said.

Natalie has spent most of her life on the West Coast, but she says she's not singing the blizzard blues just yet.

"I miss sunshine and the ocean. My snow bunker, it's fun for a day. If this lasts through the week, not so much," she said.

No one is entirely sure when all of the snow will be cleared and the city is given the all-clear to return back to work. In the meantime, it's just wait and see until everything gets back to normal.

"We can just kind of weather the storm tonight, and things will be back to normal by afternoon tomorrow. That's my hope," Natalie said.

Natalie was supposed to be in school Tuesday, but the school – like everything else – is closed. Because the snow is so light, the wind is often blowing it back onto the roads, making it hard to plow.