SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A shelter dog who went from cage to the stage is in need of a new home. Mocha recently played Sandy in a local production of "Annie". Now that the play is over, this orphan is hoping to find her own Daddy Warbucks.

Five-year-old Mocha just finished her stint as Sandy in the production of "Annie" at Vista's Moonlight Theater, but it hasn't always been fame and fortune for this four-legged star.

Like Annie and the orphans, Mocha has had a hard-knock life -- her previous owners kept her outdoors 24/7 until they gave her up at the San Diego County Animal Shelter in Bonita, claiming financial hardship.

"When we first met her she had a little bit of anxiety," Alex Kuty said.

Alex and her husband Rob helped train Mocha to play the role of Sandy after they discovered the rising star at the shelter. Now this canine, who really loves her belly rubbed, is a calm cuddler.

"She was very eager to please and ready to learn," Alex said.

But now that Mocha has had her 15 minutes of fame -- well, 15 stage shows to be exact -- she needs a permanent home.

"We've been fostering Mocha in our home before the production, during the production, and even right now while applications are being turned in. So the great thing about it that people don't realize is that they're not only going to get a well trained dog, but they're going to get a dog who's acclimated to a home environment, that's housebroken, and is just looking for her forever home," Alex said.

Mocha's foster family is hoping the sun'll come out, if not tomorrow, very soon for Mocha.

"Annie found her Daddy Warbucks, Mocha is waiting to go find hers," Alex said.

If you are interested in adopting Mocha, the San Diego County Animal Shelter's Carlsbad location on Palomar Airport Road is taking applications through Thursday. They are looking for prospective owners who don't already have pets.