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San Diego Humane Society reduces adoption fees for older cats and dogs

Age is just a number for senior dogs and cats. They are trained, lovable sweet animals that are still looking for their forever home.

SAN DIEGO — Pups and cats with a few years on them are up for adoption at a reduced fee. The San Diego Humane Society is waiving half of the fees for senior pets in the month of November. 

“They don't know what they did wrong they just need love,” said Cory Triglia, volunteer at the SDHS.

She was showing off Linda, an 8-year-old Shepherd mix.

“She is a sweetheart. A little bit of a Shepherd mix,” said Gary Weitzman, President at the SDHS.

There’s also a pair of miniature poodle mixes named Harmony and Tootsie who were brought in by a homeless person who cared for them.

“Tootsie doesn't see very well so I think she counts on Harmony to help her out,” said an SDHS volunteer.

The duo are attached so the SDHS would like for both of them to go to the same home.

With older pups, some might worry about medical issues but the Humane Society takes care of medical needs before they are adopted.

“They are wonderful dogs and both had dental [services] - probably a few teeth removed which happens when you are an older dog,” said Weitzman.

The pair are already winning the hearts of dog lovers stopping by the Humane Society.

“They are already trained, they are friendly, not aggressive,” said Terry Williams.

All of the pups - Little Miss, Gunny and Levi - are senior dogs over the age of seven who are looking for their forever home.

“All they give you is love. It's just wonderful to adopt a senior pet,” said Triglia.

During November the SDHS is reducing adoptions fees by 50% for senior pets which amounts to only $15.

There are cats like 11-year-old Bailey who is quite social.

As of Tuesday, the SDHS said they had 1,500 animals in their care countywide which is unusually high this time of year.

Five hundred are up for adoption, 58 are senior cats and dogs.

“That's the saddest thing, these older animals that end up losing their homes. Sometimes, unfortunately, we've seen a lot of people have had to give up their animals because of losing their housing,” said Weitzman.

But these animals aren't losing hope, remember age is just a number.

“They still have a lot of life in them,” said Triglia.

If you are interested in adopting a senior dog or cat, go visit the San Diego Humane Society website.

They offer an adoption guarantee which means if you take the animals home and are not able to care for the pet you can return them with no questions asked.

The Humane Society also encourages fostering a pet until they find their forever home with you or someone else.

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