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DIY tricks to prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask

While some tricks worked, some didn't.

SAN DIEGO — Masks are going to be with us for awhile. But one problem some have complained about is their glasses fog up every time they put on a mask.

If you're inside a grocery store, and you're trying to read your list - it can be annoying. If you're outside walking your dog, it's tough when your glasses fog up while you're trying to cross the street.

The first thing to note is you want to wear your mask up high enough, so that your glasses sit over your mask. You want to eliminate the gap between the mask and your face as much as you can.

If you have a mask with a nose piece, that seems to help.

Put tape over the top of your mask.

Obviously you don't want to use any tape that's harmful to your skin. I used medical tape. This trick worked! 

Sew a button on your mask to create a place for your glasses to rest.

This hack didn't really work for me. My glasses still fogged up. I think you would really need to find the perfect size button that suits your glasses, and position the button in the right place.

Fold up a tissue and place it in the gap between your mask and your face

This one worked for me, but you need to make sure your mask is tight enough to hold the tissue in place.  

Wash your lenses with lukewarm water and dish soap.

The dish soap creates a film on your glasses that can help prevent them from fogging up. Let them fully dry, or use a microfiber cloth to dry the lenses. This trick worked pretty well, but it's hard to say how long it lasts.