BUY IT NOW: Get $29 off on the SOScharger: USB Pocket Charger With Unlimited Power

  • WHAT IS THIS? A portable USB phone charger and power generator
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Anyone with a smart phone who leads a busy life
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? This charger can keep your phone and other devices energized indefinitely — something the majority of portable chargers cannot do. Plus, it’s on sale!

With how advanced technology has become, you’d think a smartphone charge would last forever. But since that’s never going to happen, we’ve got the next best thing: a portable charger that lasts forever.

The SOScharger is a portable USB phone charger and power generator in one 5.8-ounce package. It’s filled with infinite energy, so you can charge up your phone wherever, whenever. The built-in 2,300-mAh battery provides an immediate boost, but you can get even more energy by spinning the ergonomically-friendly hand crank. Basically, it eliminates the low battery blues once and for all.

It’s compatible with just about every smartphone on the market, plus other products utilizing the USB-standard power source. If you get the SOScharger now from, you’ll save 49 percent. Usually retailing for $59, it’s yours today for just $30.

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