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BUY IT NOW: $46 off Vera Wang hooded sweatshirt and sock set 

Yes, this deal is real! For those of you who know me, you're aware I am obsessed with price drops and this is precisely why I work as a consumer reporter.

It has been a week of tremendous fashion deals. I found Oakley sunglasses for 40 percent off yesterday — and they're still in stock — as well as designer shoes and sandals for under $30 earlier this week. You can further explore your frugal inner fashionista today with a big deal drop from Vera Wang.

The deal that I found today features a $56 Vera Wang Women's Hooded Sleepshirt and Sock Set that's now on sale for under $20! It includes a sweatshirt that's available in sizes XS to XXL and that could easily be enjoyed out and about — as well as when you're lounging at home.

The Vera Wang sleep set has a list price of $56 but with a sale and the addition of a coupon, your price drops to $9.52 plus $8.95 for shipping — which makes your total order price under $20. I will abstain from writing a whole column about the offensive $8.95 Kohl's shipping fee for a product that costs precisely $1.90 to send by mail. I will also spare you a rant about why department stores like Macy's and Kohl's need to do far better when it comes to shipping and shipping fees and how this is hurting their business, and simply write: Awesome deal, under $20!

Now that I am done self-editing, if you are hoping to score today's savings, I do expect the Vera Wang deal drop to sell out quickly. There are several color options available.

BUY IT NOW: $46 off Vera Wang hooded sweatshirt and sock set
Was: $56.00
Now: $19.95 (with shipping costs included)
***Use coupon code YOUSAVE15


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