Travelers across the country faced disruptions as storms pummeled both coasts during the busy post-Thanksgiving travel window days of travel.

FlightAware’s Misery Map showed airports throughout the east suffering heavy delays and cancellations at noon ET on Monday. In the West, San Francisco-bound travelers are seeing delays of up to 2 hours and 45 minutes due to heavy wind and rain lashing the coast, the Federal Aviation Administration’s delay map showed Monday morning.

Nationwide, more than 450 flights had been canceled Monday and another 2,300 delayed as of 12:10 p.m., according to flight-tracking service FlightAware.

The disruptions come amid the last of the Thanksgiving rush, with Monday packed with extra flights and travelers as the last holiday travelers return home. Monday’s problems follow a difficult day on Sunday. FlightAware said more than 950 flights were canceled and a whopping 8,799 delayed, creating headaches for flyers from coast to coast on the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving period.

The messy weather was expected to continue into Tuesday in New England, where more than a foot of snow was expected. Major U.S. airlines United, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and Southwest have issued weather waivers for dozens of airports across the country. Unfortunately for West Coast travelers, United is the only airline thus far offering a weather waiver for travel, despite the severe conditions.

Just since Sunday, more than 11,00 flights have been delayed in the U.S. while more than 1,400 have been canceled. The timing couldn’t have been worse for this weather, as the Thanksgiving holiday was expected to break records to become the busiest travel days — ever.

East Coast airports were especially hard hit on Monday. Dozens of delays were reported at airports like New York LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, Boston ,Philadelphia and Toronto. In upstate New York, Albany’s airport faced significant cancellations amid heavy snow. Residual delays were slowing flights at Midwestern airports Chicago O’Hare and Detroit.

On the opposite coast, San Francisco more than 10% of the entire day’s schedule was running late, according to FlightAware.

Unfortunately for many, the severe weather is extra inconvenient, with the end of the holiday and the need to return to work looming large. For those affected it could pay to check which credit card you used for your ticket purchase — some credit cards offer significant trip protection benefits for delayed or canceled flights.

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