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Tax Filing Day: Millions of Californians may qualify for $600 state stimulus payment

Californians who made $75,000 or less in 2020 are eligible

SAN DIEGO — Monday marked the final day to get your taxes filed on time and that means millions of Californians who do file may qualify to receive the $600 Golden State Stimulus payment. And as expected on tax filing day, many people also flocked to the post office to get their returns in before the deadline.

News 8's LaMonica Peters looks at who qualifies for the stimulus payment and when people can expect it.

It’s one of the busiest days of the year at the post office and this year, not only were people mailing their taxes Monday to avoid penalties but some were also getting it done just in time to get their stimulus payment.

For Californians who made $75,000 or less in 2020, getting tax returns mailed in by the tax day deadline was a must. Those tax filers will receive a one-time, $600 stimulus payment as a part of the Golden State Stimulus plan.

“I want to say it came approximately six weeks ago. I did file my taxes relatively early. I did actually know that it was coming. I had read something online regarding the State of California sending out taxes to certain income populations,” said Marla of San Diego. 

Those who use an Individual Tax ID Number or Earned Income Tax Credit making less than $30,000 are also eligible to receive an additional $600. People receiving SSI, CalWorks or the Cash Assistant Program for Immigrants automatically received their payments. One man in San Diego said he already has plans for the payment.

“I’m going to invest it in crypto, definitely, 100%. Why not put $600 in right now and have probably a 3x to a 5x profit? Otherwise, people are going to get $600 and spend it on nonsense. Then you’re not getting any kind of investment and you’re not getting a return. We’re all working for that money, so I want to make that money work for itself,” Justin said. 

Stimulus payments were sent out starting April 15. If you filed your taxes on after March 2, you should allow up to 45 days to receive a direct deposit and up to 60 days to receive a paper check in the mail. If you file your taxes by October 15, 2021, and you made less than 75,000, you may still be eligible for a $600 stimulus payment.

If you have more questions about filing taxes or the stimulus payment, contact the California Franchise Tax Board.

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