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Why doesn't EDD give people timelines for unemployment benefits?

California's EDD gives people strict deadlines to follow or risk losing their unemployment benefits, but offers no timeline for when the EDD will get people paid.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Brittney Gandy-Knox is a single mother from Elk Grove who hasn't received her unemployment benefits from California's Employment Development Department (EDD).

"It's been tough. It's a real-life situation. It's not a drill," Gandy-Knox said.

Like so many others the Dollars and Sense team has heard from, Gandy-Knox finds herself both waiting for the money owed her, and wanting more information from EDD.

"I've been waiting since December for benefits. I don't know what other way to turn," Gandy-Knox explained.

Gandy-Knox is not alone in wanting more updates from EDD as it pertains to benefits. When the Dollars and Sense team called to ask about deadlines, the automated system said they are receiving too many calls and hung up. EDD Executive Carol Williams told lawmakers it's something they need to work on.

"I think we should be accountable for deadlines," Williams said.

Williams also told lawmakers EDD was restoring benefits in 10-13 days after they verified their identity, but we have heard from hundreds of people who have been waiting much longer to be paid.

In the meantime, Gandy-Knox is looking for a new job while she waits for her unemployment benefits.

"I am absolutely looking for a position. I am a hard worker. I have a bachelor's in biological sciences and math. I also have a master's in public health. I have managed healthcare experience and healthcare policy experience with the State of California. I also have tutored Math & Science for 20 years. I'm open to any leads," Gandy-Knox said.

So while Brittney is down, she most certainly isn't out.

"You have to just kind of keep putting your best foot forward and keep moving forward; especially when a child is looking at you as a role model," Gandy-Knox explained.

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If you are waiting on your EDD benefits and need some help, there are resources available. Click here for help with housing, food, mental health and more.

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