SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Several North County neighborhoods were impacted by the Witch Creek Fire in 2007.  

In many areas, the fire seemed to strike at random, burning down one house and leaving the others untouched. 

It was the second largest wildfire of 2007 and it swallowed up more than 1,100 homes. 

The Heeter's home was one of them.  

"We didn't have time get anything out anyway you know," said Norma Heeter. "They said 'get out' and our lives are more important."   

News 8 caught up with Paul and Norma Heeter during their anniversary getaway 

"You know you can have a horrible thing happen to you but as long as you work together that you can get through it," said Norma.  

Paul managed to get everyone out, but somehow got stuck behind  

"He never told me until two years later that he thought he was going to die," Norma said.  

Their home was reduced to rubble and Paul's beloved old El Camino was gone. 

They have since rebuilt a fireproof home and say they've learned a lot 

"Just about everything is replaceable," said Paul. "The important things you take with is your wife, your love and your memories." 

Two people died in the Witch Creek Fire and 40 firefighters were injured. 

The Heeters say their hearts are still heavy and they said prayers for those lost.  

It was 10 years ago when the Heeter's lives changed, reminding us all life can change at any moment.  

"Remember they are just things," said Norma.