CARLSBAD (CBS 8) - A local family thought they had lost their dog for good after she ran off during a hike. 

However, after more than a week of searching and coming up empty, they got quite a surprise when their dog Georgia showed up at home after finding her way back all on her own. 

The story starts on June 27th when Kris Anderson from Carlsbad took her dogs for a hike to the waterfall at the Los Penasquitos Preserve. 

"I heard her go after a rabbit and I heard the bark and thought, oh she will come back," says Kris. 

Georgia didn't come back. 

"I whistled for her, no Georgia, I called her and called her and no Georgia," says Kris. 

A park ranger told her it was likely that a mountain lion or coyote got to Georgia, but Kris continued searching every other day. She gave up on the 8th day, until she woke up to quite a surprise Monday morning. 

"I heard my doggy door and the flip flop, flip flop sound and her chain and when I woke up, she jumped on my bed," says Kris. 

After 9 days and 37 miles through storms, 4th of July fireworks and rough terrains, Georgia made it home in good shape. According to the vet, despite being a little skinny, the dog was healthy. 

"I never thought I would see her again. She is really special to me. I think it's important for people not to give up," says Kris. 

Kris Anderson says she will now keep her dog on a leash. 

Prior to Georgia running off, she downloaded the free Find Rover App that uses facial recognition for your dogs that the County Animal Services can use to identify lost dogs.