EL CAJON (CNS) - A Spring Valley man who put up posters offering a $3,000 "dead or alive" bounty on his daughter's boyfriend, a registered sex offender, was sentenced Monday to seven years and four months in state prison.

Domingos Jose Oliveira, 49, was convicted last month of solicitation of murder and making a criminal threat against 33-year-old Sean Kirk, along with a hate crime allegation. Jurors deadlocked on a threat charge against the defendant's 20-year-old daughter, Samantha.

"This is a self-controlling father," Deputy District Attorney Curtis Ross told Judge William McGrath.

The prosecutor said Oliveira showed no remorse and told a probation officer that others were to blame for the bounty and threats against Kirk, who is black.

"He's still concerned about his safety," Ross said of the victim. "This was an attempt to have Mr. Kirk killed."

Ross said Oliveira was more than just a concerned parent, having his daughter sign a death contract saying that if she dated a black man, she and that person would be killed.

Oliveira wasn't even aware that Kirk was a registered sex offender until several months into the threats, Ross said.

McGrath said Oliveira had been law-abiding since a domestic violence and drug conviction 21 years ago, but "reoffended in an extraordinary way."

The judge said the defendant's actions were motivated by a racial bias and an attempt to control his daughter.

A young black Marine who also dated Samantha Oliveira testified that the defendant also harassed him.

McGrath called the defendant's actions "completely wrong."

"It was not done on a whim," the judge said. "He (Oliveira) knew what he was doing was serious stuff."

Defense attorney Michael Earle told reporters that Oliveira was a concerned father who, in his own way, was trying to do what was best for his daughter.

The attorney said Oliveira was remorseful, but not as remorseful as the court wanted to see.

"I think in his mind he was doing what was best for his daughter," Earle told reporters. "From his standpoint, it's difficult to be remorseful when you're trying to do the best thing for your kid. Whether it's right or wrong, to him it was the correct call to protect his daughter."

Kirk told police he received numerous threatening emails and text messages while dating the defendant's daughter earlier this year.

The victim said he was in class at Grossmont College when a teacher told him there were posters all over campus marked "dead or alive" and pointing out that he was a sex offender. Kirk admitted to being a registered sex offender, saying he pleaded guilty to having sex with a girl he thought was 18.

Samantha Oliveira testified that her father was a racist and often made threats against her black boyfriends.

The defendant was arrested the morning of March 25th at his home, several hours after a search warrant was served at the Roadside Place residence. La Mesa police said they found the wanted poster on the defendant's computer.