SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – An East County man is one step closer to realizing his life-long dream of becoming a police officer.

Brian Duncan, who is 73-years-old, was one of 15 cadets that graduated from Grossmont College’s 32nd Police Academy.

Duncan said he has wanted to be a cop for as long as he can remember, but obstacles just kept getting in his way.

Last September, he took a chance and on Friday, he came one step closer to making his dream come true.

Initially, Duncan said he wanted to sign up for law enforcement after he got out of the Navy, but he was denied.

“Back in the 70’s, they only wanted big guys and I was not big enough,” he said.

Duncan went out to become a deputy clerk at the county superior court – a job he held for 28-years.

After volunteering for the El Cajon Police Department, the itch finally came back.

“A couple of the guys, the officers, said, ‘why don’t you join the reserves?’ I said, I am too old, and they said, ‘no, you are not,’” he said.

So, Duncan enrolled at Grossmont's Police Academy – a six month strenuous test for anyone, no matter their age.

Chris Ellis is the interim academy coordinator. He said Duncan’s story is a teaching moment for all cadets.

Duncan said he is happy he finally has a fair shake. “Yes, I have gone through the academy, but that is just the start. There is a lot to do, yet so I am not done.”

So what is next for Duncan?

He has an application in to become a reserve officer with the El Cajon Police Department.

Duncan said he is pretty confident he will get the gig.