Laser technology, structural engineering - sounds like courses offered at a major university. But they're actually popular electives at a middle school in Encinitas.

The principles of aerodynamics are being put to the test at Oak Crest Middle School.

"The tail on it has to be perfectly angled or else it won't fly right," said Zach.

Students built hand-made rockets in a flight technology course offered through the school's career technical education program called C-smart.

"We're basically trying to learn about rockets and airplanes and how they fly. And then we get to build them," continued Zach.

C-smart blends math, science and technology, training students for a variety of 21st century careers, such as forensics. Hands-on learning is key in the forensic lab.

C-smart also offers courses in structural engineering, virtual architecture and robotics. Even traditional electives such as woodshop now have a 21st century twist.

"The greatest thing about it's hands on, but they're also working with other peers so they're building those communication skills and also building those skills about the technology they use," said Assistant Principal Bryan Marcus.

Congratulations to Oak Crest Middle School in Encinitas - 8's Cool School Of The Week.