SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - For parents, getting a toddler potty trained and out of diapers is no game, or is it?

An Oceanside inventor's new product called the Potty Master teaches boys how to shoot and score in the bathroom.

Last week, Catherine Cortes taught her three-year-old son how to stand up, and pee like a boy, in one day.

The Potty Master shoots a laser beam target at the bottom of the bowl.

Johnny Junior then takes aim, and fires away, the more accurate his shot, the more points he racks up on the scoreboard above.

The inventor of the Potty Master is Billy Franklin from Oceanside, and a high school drop-out, but reinventing himself with inventions.

In fact, new ideas pop into his head daily. After all, he is a Franklin, and said his great, great, great, great, great, great, great uncle could possibly be Benjamin Franklin.

Next week, Billy's Potty Master has a date with destiny.

Billy is hoping to go rich because men are poor shots. Just ask Johnny Junior who is a three-year-old, and was under pressure to perform.

Boys even get bonus points for flushing and putting the seat down. No mess for moms to clean up.

The Potty Master has its own Kick-Starter campaign with an early bird special. The first 200 units for sale will only cost $20.