SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A man accused of setting a series of early morning fires within walking distance of his City Heights home must stand trial on multiple arson charges, a judge ruled Friday.

Rolando Resendiz, 24, was arrested April 4 when he was found walking from an area on Ogden Street where a bag of clothes was set on fire on someone's porch, authorities said.

Arson investigators also linked Resendiz to several more fires set on March 31, including two at an apartment building and three in nearby Dumpsters, according to authorities.

Deputy District Attorney Ted Fiorito said surveillance video in an alley behind Resendiz's residence showed a man wearing distinctive patterned shoes walking in the area on the morning of one of the fires. Similar shoes were found during a search of the defendant's apartment.

Fiorito said Resendiz was a "serial arsonist" who would go out in the early morning hours "looking for things to set on fire."

Defense attorney Brianne Murphy argued that police arrested the wrong man.

Following a daylong preliminary hearing, Judge Joan Weber ruled that enough evidence was presented for Resendiz to stand trial. A Superior Court arraignment was scheduled for June 26.