VISTA (CNS) - A 92-year-old woman's caretaker must stand trial on attempted murder and elder abuse charges for allegedly throwing her 93-year-old best friend through a screen door in Oceanside, a judge ruled Thursday. 

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William Sutton, 66, is accused in the attack on Margaret Wood, who lives in hospice care with her best friend, Marian Kubic.

Wood's granddaughter-in-law, Lisa Wood, told police she found a video recorded April 16 that shows Sutton, who was Kubic's caretaker, pushing Wood through Kubic's screen door.

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Family members said Wood landed head-first three steps below on the concrete porch, cracking her skull and breaking her nose.

Wood is now relegated to a wheelchair, according to relatives. 

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After his arrest, Sutton made bail and was ordered to stay away from both seniors. He will be back in court June 10 for arraignment in Superior Court.