SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — An arraignment was held Thursday for a parolee accused of killing a 43-year old Navy man and wounding his cousin at Westfield Horton Plaza. 

Prosecutors say the late Saturday night attack was apparently at random and unprovoked.  

39-year old Arrow Morris was arrested during a traffic stop Monday night. 

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Morris kept his head turned and barely acknowledged the judge during his arraignment except when directly asked a question. 

Morris is accused of killing a career Navy sailor at Horton Plaza over the weekend. 

He supposedly assaulted his girlfriend then while walking away from her opened fire at James Celani and Celani's cousin who were passing by. 

Prosecutors said the victims did nothing wrong and had no interaction with Morris before the shooting. 

After court the Deputy DA Amy Maund explained why this rises to the level of an execution. 

"It's an execution," Maund said. "He had no time to think about what was going on with him or what was happening to him." 

A dozen of Celani's family members watched the proceedings. 

Morris did not look back at them. 

Outside court, a family friend said they just want justice, pointing to Morris' lengthy criminal history; including a 2011 road rage incident where he admitted to smashing the skull of another driver using a hammer. 

"There is no reason that he should've been on the street. It's a senseless killing," said the family friend. "He had nothing to do with this man - Jim had nothing to do with this man. It was a senseless killing and a senseless loss."