SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Actress Camryn Manheim is more than a person of interest. She is a person with purpose, and on Thursday, she took time off the screen to fight domestic violence in the company of other woman at the YWCA's 17th In The Company of Women Benefit Luncheon.

On the screen, Manheim plays a tough, hard-edge character in the CBS hit, Person of Interest, and those same characteristics describe her in real life in her fight against domestic violence.

"I have been a fighter since the day I was born. In fact, I feel like I have boxing gloves on all the time," she said.

Socially and politically active, Manheim has fought for numerous causes in her life, and on Thursday she fought against domestic violence and to lift victims to a better life.

"The thing I love about being here at the YWCA is that it's women helping women. We are trying to get as many men on board, but it starts with the tribe of women saying, we really want our girls to feel powerful and strong," she said.

The YWCA's 17th In The Company of Women Benefit Luncheon also recognized outstanding women professionals in San Diego.

Organizers of the event hope to raise over $250,000 for the YWCA Becky's House domestic violence programs. The programs serves more than woman and children in residential facilities each year.

"One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. We don't have enough beds to handle that many people," said Manheim.

Manheim's great success in numerous rolls has allowed her a bigger stage to share her message of self acceptance and defying conventional forms of beauty.

"I just want people to realize that if you are a good citizen, a good daughter, a good mother, a good friend, or doing something good for the community, it really doesn't matter what size you're wearing, or if your face has a few wrinkles," she said.

She said her philosophy about helping others is called Mitzvah therapy, good deeds that feel good to do.

"It's easy and everyone wins," she said.