SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KFMB News 8) -- The target of a lawsuit involving the highly-publicized death of Rebecca Zahau in Coronado said Wednesday the case was settled for $600,000.

Adam Shacknai’s insurance company paid the settlement.  As a result, the jury’s $5.1 million judgment was vacated and the entire action dismissed with prejudice.

Shacknai told KFMB News 8 the settlement should send a message to the public.

“I hope they realize it's a low amount – even though obviously $600,000 is more money than most of us will ever see at one time in our lives – I hope they realize that it went from $5 million to $600,000,” said Shacknai.

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Shacknai also criticized attorney Keith Greer, who represented the Zahau family in their wrongful-death lawsuit.

“I think Greer sort of outran himself on this, getting involved in this case, thinking there would be a settlement years ago.  And, there never was to our credit,” Shacknai said.

Greer was prevented from commenting on the settlement because of a nondisclosure agreement and only responded “the matter has been resolved.”

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department ruled Zahau’s 2011 death a suicide by hanging and declined to filed criminal charges.

Zahau’s family still believes the 32-year-old was murdered and filed the lawsuit against Shacknai in 2013.

In April, a jury voted 9-3 that Shacknai was responsible for her death.

In a surprise move, the settlement was announced this month, which wiped out the judgment and any possible appeal.


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