SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The man accused of having an inappropriate relationship with embattled Supervisor Dave Roberts fired back on Thursday by filing a hostile work environment lawsuit against Roberts' former Chief of Staff Glynnis Vaughan and former scheduler Diane Porter. 

"I am a straight man in a great relationship with a woman," said Harold Meza. 

The community representative for County Supervisor Dave Roberts said ex-coworkers are spreading hurtful lies. 

"Diane Porter and Glynnis Vaughan have attempted to smear my reputation by spreading outrageous and obscene allegations about me, my sexual orientation, and my ability and job performance," said Meza. 

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Meza filed the lawsuit against the two former employees Thursday and said they violated his civil rights by creating a hostile work environment. 

Diane Porter fired back by saying Meza's lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to discredit her for calling out Robert's behavior as county supervisor. 

She already filed a claim against her former boss, accusing him of misusing public resources, contributing to a hostile work environment and having an inappropriate relationship with Meza. 

"This what happens to people who come forward. This is what happens when you speak up. You get attacked and this is why nobody else wants to step forward and say the things that were going on," said Porter. 

Porter said Meza sent her a text message on March 13th at 10:05 p.m., that read, "What are you doing right now? Wanna chill?" 

Porter said she responded the text message: "I'm chillin with Tiffany. We were too lazy to go out." Porter then said, Meza responded with, "For sure! It's a stay-in kind of night!" 

Meza is only suing his two former co-workers, not Roberts. 

In an interview with CBS News 8 on May 28, Shannon Handy spoke to Roberts in length about claims that discussed text messages referencing a room he allegedly shared with staff member Harold Meza, indicating the two had an inappropriate relationship.

“I did not have an inappropriate relationship with any member of my staff, sexual or otherwise. And it's just, I think, so wrong that people make these wild accusations. It's not only hurtful to my spouse, my family, but to Mr. Meza who is the person who's been attacked,” said Roberts.

Roberts admitted sending a text message that read, "Harold will keep me warm," during trip to DC in regard to the cold weather. 

Dan Gilleon, Meza's attorney, said the following about that text message: "You're asking about text messages that Mr. Roberts sent and he didn't send these messages to Mr. Meza. He sent them to other people." 

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A third former staffer recently filed a claim against Roberts, also alleging he misused his officer. 

Roberts said all the claims against him are false. 

Roberts is openly gay and has a spouse. He said they are in a committed and monogamous relationship.