SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Short-term lodging service Airbnb on Friday released a report about the $420 million impact it has on San Diego’s economy.

The report comes as many San Diego neighborhoods continue their fight against short-term rentals saying they negatively affect the quality of life.

According to Airbnb, part of the $420 million impact on San Diego’s economy in 2016, included the creation of 4,300 jobs. 

Chris Lehane is with Airbnb, the main sponsor of the Influential U.S. Conference of Mayors this weekend in Miami.

While the conference is taking place in the sunshine state, it is working hard to lobby municipal leaders all over the country.

“We are always interested and happy, excited to sit down with a city if and when it is ready to do so,” said Lehane.

The recent report not only outlines the economic impact in San Diego, but Airbnb’s impact on major cities across the country.

Ronan Gray, who is president of Save San Diego Neighborhoods, actively opposes short term vacation rentals in residential areas.

Gray said that along with temporary rentals to tourists comes noise, trash, drunken parties, parking problems and other quality of life nuisances.

“It’s pushing up the price of rents, the cost of housing – totally destroying our neighborhoods,” he said.

Pacific Beach resident Nancy Kramer manages 57 vacation rental properties and owns seven of them. Kramer claims she has never had any problem with her clients – according to her, mostly families on vacation.

Kramer claims platforms like Airbnb help prepare financially for the future. “When did investors become a dirty word? I am saving for my retirement,” she said.

Her opponents said they are determined to save their communities.

While Airbnb claims that its platform supports 4,300 jobs in San Diego, union leaders counter that – claiming the local hotel industry generates more than 18,000 jobs citywide.