NEW JERSEY (CBS 8/CNN) - New Jersey daycare workers are accused of creating a "fight club" among children and filming the altercations. Investigators say two former daycare workers referenced the movie "Fight Club" as they encouraged pre-schoolers and kindergartners to fight each other at the playground at Lightbridge Academny in Cransford, New Jersey.

"About a dozen children, boys and girls, between the ages of four and six just fighting and throwing each other to the ground and hitting each other", said Union County Prosecutor Grace Park.

Twenty-two year-old, Erica Kenny, one of the daycare workers charged filmed and posted the disturbing fights to a group of people on the social media app Snapchat. Video on the app only appear for 10 seconds and then disappear. Investigators were able to obtain the videos after someone recorded the posts.

The prosecutor said they do not believe there were any serious injuries from the fights but they are still investigating the case. Park also says Kenny and the other daycare worker involved, 28-year-old Chanese White did it for pure pleasure.

The daycare's vice president said Kenny and White were immediately fired.