SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A deadly military jet crash devastated a University City neighborhood eight years ago, and on Friday there are major questions after a jet was spotted flying low over the very same area. 

The jet, making an emergency landing, was flying so low a photographer was able to use his iPhone to record the low fly-by. 

University City resident Ron Belanger, a retired Naval aviator, ran out of his house when he heard the F-18, fearing it would crash. 

Ron's concerns are justified. On December 8, 2008, he was home when a military jet with engine problems crashed into a home just half-a-block away, killing four people. 

Officials at MCAS Miramar told CBS News 8 he jet had an oil pressure problem and the pilot declared an emergency. According to officials, the pilot followed proper procedure and landed safely at its designated diversion airfield.  

Ron, however, believes the pilot should have either flown to North Island, which is surrounded by water, or flown higher - east past Miramar and then doubled back. 

Miramar officials said as far as they are concerned the incident is closed with no further investigation.