SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Two dogs had to be rescued from a hot car in East Village on Thursday.

San Diego Police and the Department of Animal Services with the County of San Diego were called after good Samaritans noticed two small dogs trapped inside a red Mustang.

At one point, an animal control officer broke in and just as the dogs were pulled out, the owner arrived.

"I was very furious to see these dogs were left in the car. It made me very upset because I am a dog owner. I got furious because the police and pet people did not do anything," said Sherry Moore. 

The owner claimed she did not know the dogs were inside.

The crowd berated the woman for leaving her pets inside a car on a hot day. The dogs were recovering at Animal Control.

"Medical staff looked at them right away and found out they were actually in good condition. They were not suffering from heat stroke or anything like that," said Daniel De Sousa, Department of Animal Services. 

De Sousa said if the owner wants her dogs back, she will have to pay a fine. 

"She needs to be held accountable and hopefully she learns from this and hopefully she never does this again," he said. 

Starting in January, a new law will go into affect that would allow people to break a car window if there is an animal inside that is in distress. It's a law that come with risks, said De Sousa. 

"They are going to break a window, try and grab a dog. The dog is going to protect the car. Someone may get bit or that animal escapes," he said. 

DeSousa's advice is to call the police and leave it to the professionals.