SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Incoming interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Friday he will immediately order a "clean up" in San Diego City Hall when he assumes office next week.

After a City Council meeting at which Filner's resignation was announced, Gloria told reporters his goal was to "basically clean up City Hall."

Gloria said he will immediately order a "top-down review" of city departments when he assumes office at 5 p.m. next Friday to ensure they are functioning within city rules, whittle down a backlog of public records requests that have stalled under Filner and institute weekly media briefings.

Filner met with reporters on an informal basis monthly until he came under fire for alleged sexual harassment. He was nearly impossible for the media to reach, otherwise.

Gloria, who recently won a second term on the City Council as the representative for downtown San Diego, Hillcrest and North Park, said his goals will be to run the mayor's office with ethics, integrity and transparency.

He said he was "humbled" by the opportunity to fill in until a special election is held, and a new mayor is seated. It was unknown whether he would campaign to finish Filner's term.

Councilwoman Sherri Lightner will run City Council meetings while he serves as mayor, he said.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith told reporters Filner asked for one more week in office before stepping down, and the City Council honored the request.

Filner did not say what he would do with the time during a 15-minute address to the council members.

One of the top priorities Filner campaigned on, shifting civic priorities away from downtown and to the city's neighborhoods, will be maintained, Gloria said.

According to the City Charter, the City Council president -- the position held by Gloria -- takes over when a mayor resigns.