SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - As the backlash continues over President Trump's plan to build a border wall, demonstrators sent a clear message against it at the San Diego/ Tijuana border Friday night. 

Dozens of passionate protestors raised their signs and their voices over an overpass above the last exit in San Diego before the Mexican border. 

Mr. Trump has repeatedly said Mexico would fund the multi-billion dollar, miles-long concrete divider. Recently, he floated the idea of a 20-percent tax on imports from Mexico to help pay for the construction - an idea protestors found preposterous. 

Deb Sisco who is visiting from Florida and is a Trump supporter said, "what is the big deal about having a wall? I'm for the wall and whatever it costs. It's borders. That's what it's all about - it's about security." 

For Friday night demonstrators, it is about far more than that. "it's hate. A lack of knowledge and understanding. We have been de-humanized," said one demonstrators. 

Demonstrators also said grassroots actions like Friday night's event are critical to creating change on a larger scale.