With so much riding on the tires you drive on, safety experts say don't let a bad economy and holiday bills entice you to put safety on hold. There's a quick and easy way to make sure your tired have plenty of traction and tread.

Bald tires and bad economies go hand in hand. Gary Tillery, owner of Tire Depot, says you should see the sad shape many of the tires his clients are driving on.

"We're going to see a lot more accidents as compared to previous years," he said.

Especially, Gary says, in a rain-soaked season on oil slick roads.

Mark McCullough from the San Diego Police Department's Traffic Division says it's up to every driver to check their own tire tread.

"Every tire though has a wear bar, and in that wear bar you'll be able to tell if your tires are starting to wear out, and if you're getting close get them replaced," McCullough said. "This is a legal minimum. This is a ticketable offense by the State of California."

Even though holiday bills are due, if you're driving on bad tires now's not the time to pinch pennies.

Not only are people waiting too long to buy tires, but safety experts say once they have a blowout, they are driving around for far too long on the small temporary spares.

Drivers should only use those smaller doughnut spares for a couple hundred miles, and generally they're not meant to go above 55 miles per hour.